As a multidisciplinary artist and performer, I have many invitations as far wide as Japan - Central Europe - south america and the usa. my concentration in the past 6 months has been filming in both vienna with "fetish play house" productions and also with the ultimate domina lady vampira at her "femdom empire" in germany. i am also available for stage shows, music videos, exhibitions, and photoshoots. to enquire about being a film slave or booking my art, write through my contact page here

travels for 2019

24.02 - 03.03 - lisbon (second visit in 2019) 

04.03 - 12.03 - finland 

13.03 - ??? - vienna

11.04 - 17.04 - berlin

18.04 - 03.05 - vienna - FILM SLAVES APPLY

05.05 - 12.05 - HollanD - DOMA STUDIO - DEN HAAG


also in the works - sweden, holland, london

write for details if you are in these areas and 

are interested in booking something in advance

Photo by posthumanmorulus art

berlin - january 2019



If you are a long distance slave and wish to appease Lady Raquel by mailing such gifts, get in touch with a succinct email and you will recieve the mailing address.  Naturally gifts are best presented in person with your tribute at the beginning of the session...


Chanel no. 5/ Coco Chanel/ N°19 POUDRÉ




M.A.C. Eyeshadows, Mascara, Lipgloss, Nailpolish

Any and All Chanel Red toned Lipsticks



As my skin is very fine and pale I prefer silver, white gold or platinum against it.  Stones which suit me best are onyx, opal/black opal, emerald, and ruby.




As I am almost always entertaining, if not performing, writing and painting... Any Fine Wine or Liqueur will be enjoyed either by me or my entourage.



Art Supplies

Any Acrylic Paint, Chalk/Oil Pastels, Gouache and Canvasses will be put to good use, as will fine paint brushes. I do not use Oil Paints.




Shoes and Boots and Gloves

Size 38 EU / 8 US for Shoes

Size 39 EU / 8 US for Extreme Stilettos and Boots

Size 5.5 gloves / Extra Small in leather - Small in Latex


Fetishwear and Clothing

I prefer not to be gifted clothing without being asked specifically.  You can always supply a gift certificate from Libidex, Westward Bound, Skin Too, Stormy Leather, Tiberius, Simon O, or HW Latex