superior goddess Lady Raquel

International Domina


As of January 2020, I have started my own Fetish Furniture Design and Film Studio in Vienna and I am now able to conduct lavish and exciting sessions which can last as long as you can. 


Pentagram Studio HQ, located in in the heart of the 5th District is both my art atelier/showroom and also serves as an ever changing torture and fantasy film location.  We are constantly building up new equipment, new show pieces and designing new devices which can all be found on the



Ever immersed in the fine art of sadomasochistic revelries, I have been passionately involved in both professional and lifestyle domination for over half of  my life. Spreading my creative cruelties from the West Coast to New York and working in studios as far as Berlin, London, Vienna  and Helsinki, there have been a plethora of scenes which I have indulged in.  


In both my slaves and my minions I expect only the highest degree of respect in both attitude and physical presentation. This journey into servitude should be liberating, both physically and psychologically, with both parties left fulfilled at the end of a session.


Delving deep into your inner fears and wanton desires can serve as a path to purification and a much needed release. The most devoted acts of submission will result in a catharsis which transcends the trappings of any specific fetish, leading you to a total abandonment in the hands of your Mistress. A Pandora´s box of pleasures await, once you make the first step...


If you are a long distance slave and wish to appease Lady Raquel by mailing gifts off of her wishlist, get in touch with a succinct email and you will recieve the mailing address.  Naturally gifts are best presented in person with your tribute at the beginning of the session...


Chanel no. 5/ Coco Chanel/ N°19 POUDRÉ




M.A.C. Eyeshadows, Mascara, Lipgloss, Nailpolish

Any and All Chanel Red toned Lipsticks



As my skin is very fine and pale I prefer silver, white gold or platinum against it.  Stones which suit me best are onyx, opal/black opal, emerald, and ruby.




As I am almost always entertaining, if not performing, writing and painting... Any Fine Wine or Liqueur will be enjoyed either by me or my entourage.



Art Supplies

Any Acrylic Paint, Chalk/Oil Pastels, Gouache and Canvasses will be put to good use, as will fine paint brushes. I do not use Oil Paints.




Shoes and Boots and Gloves

Size 38 EU / 8 US for Shoes

Size 39 EU / 8 US for Extreme Stilettos and Boots

Size 5.5 gloves / Extra Small in leather - Small in Latex


Fetishwear and Clothing

I prefer not to be gifted clothing without being asked specifically.  You can always supply a gift certificate from Libidex, Westward Bound, Skin Too, Stormy Leather, Tiberius, Simon O, or HW Latex