As my range of specialties are ever changing dependant upon my current environment and influences, I have come up with some extravagant package offers to push your fetishes and hunger to serve me  all around Europe.  All offers last a minimum of 3 hours and feature total immersion into the specific field of concentration which piques your interest and stirs your desires.  These memorable encounters are available with a deposit only, as they require quite a bit of planning and also the of booking other Ladies as you wish.  If there is a specific scenario I have not mentioned, feel free to inquire through a well written email.  Keep in mind I have a video team and photographers in many cities who are available to film all for private or public use, as need be.




In accordance with your pre-agreed contract regarding hard limits, medical requirements, and code word (if any) - you will spend one night with Lady Raquel as a captive.  Upon a set time and place you will find yourself whisked away, bound and gagged with no control over what happens next.  Between imprisonment in a secured jailcell, admission to your misdeeds, service to your jailer´s wishes and of course suffering through your well deserved punishment - you will finally find the solace you long for.  This game lasts 4-10 hours and must be booked a week in advance.


Full Transformation and Public Whoredom

Knowing you lust day after day about being used as a gorgeous slut - done up to the nines in heels, full makeup, and all the accesories you can dream of - the strange sexy nighttime sprawl called Vienna beckons you... Lady Raquel can devise an evening where she will use and abuse you either in the Studio or out on the town.  Shopping, Swinger Clubs, Fetish nights, and Goth music events are all on the list of things to do.  You can always book a Domina in training to join our dress up games and fun.  4 days advance notice necessary.


Catholic Confession and Absolution

Laying awake tormented by your sins?  When was your last confession? Have you ever felt total redemption and truly morally cleansed?  Lady Raquel is keen to hear your most sinful exploits, metering your retribution through old fashioned flagellation, prayer and intake of your most Holy Goddess´s pure golden nectar.  Do not be surprised to find the rod warming not only your whitened knuckles, but possibly your exposed feet and behind.  This most pious of sessions can take place in a private Studio, or whilst you sit wired with a remote control buttplug and/or electro collar in one of Vienna´s many Cathedrals.  Can you honestly say with your last lusting breath, that you are ready to meet the Angel of Death?  Sessions last 3 hours - Eternity.  3 days advance notice.


No Holds Barred - Multi-Domme Slumber Party

Unicorns and Rainbows might not be on our naughty list of things to do, however be assured when Lady Raquel and her girlfriends get together hours pass as minutes until the sun decides to rise.  Paint our beautiful toe nails, serve us anything we wish to imbibe, and please us any way we like or you will find yourself in worse trouble than our usual pillow fights.  Truth or Dare is just the beginning until we figure out a suiting punishment for what we have gotten you to confess or enact.  Spin the bottle may end with it reaming your ass, and do not even test us on Twister.  Watch out, we even have a Ouija board if you bore us! You can choose between two Dominas in training and/or a luscious slave girl to party with the nocturnal Lady Raquel in a suiting SM suite or Five Star Hotel.   Session lasts 10 hours - 2 nights and requires at least a week advance notice.