• Domina Lady Raquel

Now Based in Vienna - Owner of Pentagram.Studio!!

Ah! Greetings my fine fetishists, slaves and sluts!

I know you have all been waiting on an update as to "WTF" is going on in the life and times of your Supreme Goddess, Lady Raquel! As you may have noticed from following me on Twitter. I did finally make the permanent move from Northern Finland to Vienna in the Summer of 2019. Things went so fast upon my arrival that six weeks into moving here, I was offered the means to set up my own Fetish Fantasy Film Studio and Furniture Showroom. This project quickly took shape under the name of PENTAGRAM.STUDIO.

Combining all aspects of my lifetime´s creative and kinkier pursuits, I have now spearheaded and built - with much appreciated help of my team members, a playground and showcase of our most delicious, debaucherous, and diabolical ideas brought to real life in a most stunning collection! It is amazing to be able to be back in Vienna (pandemic lockdown or not) and have all of my art, BDSM gear and newly custom designed, bespoke bondage furniture under one roof. My 130 square meter underground Bunker Vienna HQ is the perfect setting for magickal and mystical sessions - especially with the hard fashioned medieval torture devices and equipment made specifically to my exacting standards. Having worked for over six months straight on the designing, manufacturing, building and decorating - PENTAGRAM.STUDIO promises to be the most experimental concept in Art and Fetish .... as you know my status as International Domina Lady Raquel always included my active participation in Arts and Music! Here, I finally have a base to present my creative endeavors alongside my perverted desires in the most fantastic of spaces!

Check out the all new CLIPS4SALE xxx Fetish Videos here!

Our Sissy Maid in Berlin is taking care of all the editing and uploading of what I filmed last year on the road which will add up to 73 titles altogether! Check the site every week for new uploads! During this strange "New Normal 2020" involving global quarantine, I have upgrading my webcam system and we are very close to start filming our own fetish material here. I am available for all different types of online sessions... and even have a Fukking Machine here to offer!

We are now recruiting film slaves BOTH MALE AND FEMALE from Austria to be used in our upcoming productions. Dominant Ladies and their slaves are also welcome to film in our domain, as are any group of fetishists up to five players in total. PENTAGRAM.STUDIO is also available for private rentals by couples who want an otherworldly space to explore their darkest desires. I am available for custom filming of extreme fetish material made to order, for private collections. As always, you can find Lady Raquel available on Skype for online training with pre arranged tribute and gifts as she pleases!

Depending on my bizarre schedule in the HQ VIENNA BUNKER - you can also find us transmitting on TWITCH from time to time which is always a wikked fun time.... !

There are several links such as our PATREON, EBAY, and YOUTUBE which are all being worked on ... with so my on my plate at the moment, I am actually not too upset that I finally got time during this extreme lockdown situation to be able to focus on setting up all the sites and news pertaining to both my work as Lady Raquel, but also as the artist and entertainer you have all come to love. #staysafe ! and #takecare!

Follow all of my new links to keep up to date on our newest inventions, creations and kinky times !!! SEE YOU IN VIENNA SOON ENOUGH!